Welcome to the inaugural issue of Far and Away Travel’s newsletter!

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Far and Away Travel’s newsletter!
We created this newsletter with featured articles providing helpful insider travel advice, exclusive deals, and travel related news designed for people that love to cruise! Follow us on Facebook, and Instagram for more great cruising articles, photos, and videos.

People don’t always know why they want to travel, or even where they want to travel. They just feel the desire to travel. It’s emotional. It’s our need to wander and explore and to connect with our world. We understand that. We’re travellers too! And what better way to travel than on a ship! We are passionate about cruising. We love to cruise, and we bring that passion to work every single day. You won’t see any links on our web page for you to browse for deals and specials. That’s our job.

Studies have indicated that travelers spend as much as 25 hours researching and planning a trip! Many will visit 30 web sites, or more, before making a reservation. Have you ever gone down the rabbit hole trying to find the best cruise line or ship for your vacation? How about clicking endlessly to research the multitude of shore excursions; or even second-guessing your choice of itinerary altogether? Well, at Far and Away Travel, we don’t want you doing any of that. We know the cruise lines; we know the ships, and we know the destinations.

Far and Away Travel is part of the Nexion Canada Travel Group. Nexion is a consortium; with almost 5000 travel advisors across North America. Because of the volume of business these travel professionals do, we can access superior products and value for our clients. That means that even though you are using a travel consultant to do everything for you; you won’t pay any more (and in fact oftentimes less) than if you booked yourself.

Far and Away Travel is also a member of the Cruise Lines International Association or CLIA. CLIA is the recognized world leading association of cruise lines and cruise travel professionals. We have taken extensive CLIA training, which adds to our personal cruising experience. Our success relies on our ability to talk to you and to listen to you. Since we cruise too, we speak the same language. Our value lies in our ability to know our clients’ needs and expectations, and then exceed them.

Our expertise with cruising makes us invaluable to you, by ensuring you get on the right ship; go to the right places, and do the right things. We have a passion for cruising. It’s what we do. We are here to serve you, as your travel concierge.

Your needs aren’t just our top priority; they’re our only priority!

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Far and Away Travel is an independent agent of Nexion Canada Travel Group, 235 North Centre Rd., Suite 100, London, ON, N5X 4E7. Ph: 519-660-6966. TICO#1549342

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